After a rather quiet start to the year for snow (after the Christmas blizzard at the end of 2022), things have picked up since the start of February for those in Western and even Central New York.

It seems as if there has been some snow, rain or ice system that has swept through every week for the last month and while the middle and end of the workweek looks rather quiet, that won't be the case for many on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

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There is snow coming to parts of Western and Central New York, as the National Weather Service has just issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Cattaraugus, Chautauqua and Allegany counties.

It will start at 6 pm on Monday and last until 2 am on Tuesday morning. Anywhere from 3-6 inches of snow is expected to fall within that eight hour window, so be prepared for it if you will be out traveling tonight.

As for the City of Buffalo and nearby suburbs, an inch or less is expected. Those in northwestern Pennsylvania will deal with a Winter Storm Warning, however, as they could get 7 inches of snow (McKean, Potter counties).

The rest of the week looks quiet but late Friday and on Saturday, another system could make its way into the state and bring widespread snow and rain.

We only have two weeks left of winter, but that cold and snow will likely linger for the remainder of the month, if these long-range predictions are any indication.

This might be a year where we have to wait until mid-April to get any significant and lasting relief with the temperatures and snow.

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