It's Monday and it's also the last day of July, which is very hard to believe.

The end of July will likely be the hottest weather that Western New York has seen all year. The temperatures reached 90 in parts of Western New York and the humidity was noticeable. Summer weather is fun, until that heat starts to become sticky.

This week's weather looks far cooler, albeit still in the mid-70's. There was rain and thunderstorms that moved through this past weekend, as we head into what could be another hot month with August.

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Even though Buffalo doesn't get crazy weather like some other cities do, we still have some pretty funky weather this time of year and there was a crazy-looking weather phenomenon that was spotted by people in Hamburg.

Matt Bove of WKBW shared a video that was sent to him. He's currently in Rochester for Buffalo Bills training camp, but was asking what this funnel cloud was in Hamburg? It looks to be by Cloverbank Road.

It's close enough to Lake Erie that it might be a large waterspout, but the formation from the clouds make it look like a tornado.

Waterspouts are not frequent but happen time to time near the lakeshore, which can be big enough to cause some damage if it gets close enough to shore.

The National Weather Service now says this is likely a "landspout."

They can produce winds of 50 mph, and yes, can touch down.

Of course, we all know what happened six summers ago. A tornado touched down in Hamburg in 2017 and caused damage to the Erie County Fairgrounds.

Hopefully, a tornado like that never happens again.

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