There are some rumors floating that a popular pharmacy in Western New York may be closing as early as this July.

While many large pharmacies across the country are closing down, it looks as though one of them may be in the Village of Hamburg.

Recently, a post on the NextDoor App indicated that CVS in the Village of Hamburg would be closing soon based on a conversation that was shared.

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NextDoor App

Is this rumor valid? Perhaps. There were recent reports that CVS is closing dozens of stores across the United States. reports that: "A jaw-dropping 300 or more locations of the once mega-popular pharmacy will close their doors for good in 2024. In fact, CVS has slowly been closing stores across America for the past couple of years".

There are a variety of other pharmacies that are not far from this CVS location. IN the Village of Hamburg, Rite Aid, Tops, Walgreen's and Wegman's are all within a mile of this location. Nobody likes change. But if there is any good news, these other pharmacies are close and are similar to the CVS pharmacy.

On a side note, the parking lot situation at the CVS in the Village of Hamburg can be tricky. CVS shares the lot with a Tim Horton's and the parking and traffic can be nuts, especially on the weekend. The drive thru line has to double back in to the traffic that is entering from Buffalo Street. It gets bottle necked and frustrating for drivers.

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