It’s crazy to think that Thanksgiving is already here. The year has absolutely flown by, but of course we love getting this opportunity to spend time with our families and loved ones. 

However, the quality of your Thanksgiving gathering has the ability to shift at any given moment, and it’s up to your guests to make sure they avoid committing one of the three biggest sins at a holiday gathering. 

In 2022, Western New Yorkers revealed that the worst topic at the dinner table for the holiday was Tom Brady (sorry for mentioning his name), but believe me, there are worse things that can happen during Thanksgiving. 

Whether it be bringing up a pre-resolved conflict you were out of the loop on, or accidentally breaking Grandma’s favorite porcelain plate, there are without a doubt three big sins you want to avoid this year (and pretty much every year). 

  1. Not allowing football to be on TV

There are 3 NFL teams that New Yorkers love (Go Bills!) and even if our team isn’t playing that day, we still want to size up the competition. Allow football on your TV, or don’t host Thanksgiving. 

  1. Using someone else’s kitchen to prepare your dish. 

By the time you arrive to the host’s house, your dish should already be ready to go. You can’t arrive to someone’s house and expect to use their oven; after all, they have a turkey to cook.

  1. Awkward conversations

Awkward conversations could be the root cause of Thanksgiving being left in ruins. It could be the questioning about absent significant others (or exes of the past) or maybe it’s another political debate. 

Regardless of how rowdy your family can get, you should be in the clear if you avoid these three things.

Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy the time with your loved ones. 🙂

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