How many of you were out sick on Monday, February 12th with a case of the “Super Bowl Flu”? If you did, you wouldn’t be alone.

A recent poll estimated that 16 million workers called in the day after the big game, giving it the day the nickname “Super Sick Monday.”

The idea that the day after the Super Bowl should be declared a national holiday is brought up every single year, and many Buffalo Bills fans laugh off the suggestion - that is, until the day actually arrives. Ugh. 

In all honesty, And those who do manage to trudge their way into work are noticeably less productive that day. Could we finally see the day after the Super Bowl finally becoming a legitimate day off here in Buffalo?

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After all, last year in Tennessee, two lawmakers proposed a bill that would make the first Monday after the Super Bowl a state holiday (it’s still sitting in the state legislature). On a national level, the chances of “Super Bowl Monday” becoming a federal holiday are pretty grim - but a recently suggested workaround from a very important person may make having the day off after the Super Bowl a reality for Buffalo residents. 

Buffalo, New York Could Get The Day Off After The Super Bowl…

However, there’s a catch– and unfortunately, it won’t be happening anytime soon.  

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Super Bowl LXI in 2027 will be played on February 14th, and the next day is President’s Day, a federal holiday. But who wants to wait years to finally have “Super Bowl Monday” off?

Luckily, we just learned that someone else also wants to have the day off after the Super Bowl, and that someone is important enough to actually make it happen. 

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Roger Goodell Wants The Day Off After The Super Bowl

In an appearance on The Pat McAfee show, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told the host that he’s not a fan of NFL Preseason games, and would rather see the regular season stretched to 18 games. 

That would officially push the Super Bowl to President’s Day weekend, giving us tired football fans an unintentional day off.

"That ends up on Presidents Day weekend, which is a three-day weekend, which makes the game Sunday night and then you have Monday off." - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

We’re here for it, Goodell! Make it happen!

Go Bills.

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