The Scripps Spelling Bee crowned a new winner last week after a nail biter. Bruhat Soma, who is 12 years old, managed to win the title after a tiebreaker speed round. Soma spelled a correct word every 2.5 seconds, spelling 9 more words correctly than the person he was in a tiebreaker with. 

It was pretty impressive, but Soma insisted that he doesn’t know the entire dictionary. But who does, right? I mean, there are some easier words than the ones Soma spelled on competition day that people struggle with, and there’s one word that New Yorkers constantly misspell. 

We may rely on Google a little more than we should, but when it comes to spelling this word right, we have to Google it. I’m guilty of it too! After all, a word that most people struggle to pronounce would prove difficult to spell. 

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There’s one word we have trouble with in New York state…and that word is AESTHETIC. Some people pronounce the word as uhs·theh·tuhk while others say aye·uhs·theh·tuhk. According to Google Trends, New York residents have to google that word to get it right. 

There are some words that are always a little tricky…like is it “canceled” or “cancelled?” What about the rule “i before e except after c” exception? All these loopholes and tricks make it a little more tricky to spell words correctly.  

You can see the full list of #1 misspelled word in every state when you click here

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