There are new fears that bears may be getting more brave as they have been spotted wandering in a New York State county.

The spring is fading and the summer is almost here. The black bears of New York State are doing what they do as they forage for food and roam to their summer locations. Are there more bears? It seems that way. However, with social media we may just be hearing and seeing more about human encounters.

The key to bears is to prevent your yard from becoming a bear destination and not having a food source for them.

According to reports, Oneida County officials are warning about a bear that's been spotted in the area. Sightings of the animal were reported this week in the Marilyn, Hardcastle and Perimter neighborhoods in Whitesboro.

This is an issue across the state as other bears have been seen in Cattaraugus County as well.

In a recent post on the "Be Neighborly Springville Area" Facebook page, it was reported that a bear was searching for something to eat in the West Valley area.

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Multiple people in the surrounding areas commented with similar photos and videos and it is another reminder to be careful with your trash and bird feeders and to eliminate the things that attract bears to your neighborhood.