The next time you shop in New York State you might be watched by an employee of the store who is wearing a body camera! There are reports that some stores across the country are trying to tackle the growing retail theft issues.

There are some larger retailers who have been forced to close various locations because of large scale and organized retail theft. It has become a major issue in larger cities like New York and some in California.

But is it an invasion of privacy or just a good way to keep people and property safe? It seems that many are divided on the issue.

According to some reports, TJ Maxx is already using body cameras in some locations. reports that: "The body cameras have been rolled out at select stores...and that... the move was made to “de-escalate incidents, deter crime, and demonstrate to our Associates and customers that we take safety in our stores seriously.”

As far as retail theft in New York State, New York State Governor, Kathy Hochul is focused on taking action.

There are cameras everywhere these days. However, thieves are getting bold and some say that the current laws are not strict enough and that there is no fear of any consequences.

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