The 2024 school year is coming to a close and here in New York State, there may be a few changes on the horizon when students and teachers return in the fall.

There is nothing like the last few days of the school year. The dreams of summer are dancing through everyone's head, the days are getting long and soon the playgrounds will be full all day! Just like in the Bryan Adams song, "the summers seem to last forever".

But behind the scenes in the "off season" of learning in school, the New York State Board of Regents will be at work considering a change in the way kids take exams.

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According to a variety of reports regarding regents testing and exams here in New York State, there may be a situation where these tests become voluntary. In a news release from New York State, it was noted that: "Students will no longer need to “pass
the Regents” or a +1 Pathway Assessment to graduate".

I recall the stress of trying to pass regents exams in high school. In fact, I had to retake the regents math exam after a few shorts weeks of summer school. Was it worth it? At the time it seemed like it was and that it was another level of learning that was necessary to get ahead and have a better shot at getting in to a college that I applied for.

In the new proposal, there would no longer be three types of diplomas. The new model presented shows only one.

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