It's officially September and it's now after Labor Day Weekend. Tuesday is the start of fall for most people, but you would definitely still consider it summertime if the weather outside has anything to do with that decision.

The temperatures reached the mid-to-high 80's across New York state on Labor Day, with more expected on Tuesday.

Mid-80's once again on Tuesday, with highs in the 80's for Wednesday. Both days should feature plenty of sunshine for those across New York.

Those summer temperatures are about to feel a whole lot like fall though, as we can expect a huge change-up in the weather by early next week.

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The Weather Channel is forecasting temperatures to drop into the low 70's this weekend, with mid-60's possible for highs by the middle of next week.

There's also a much better chance for rain by this weekend and then heading into next week. People might have to trade their shorts for jeans and a light hoodie, especially after the sun goes down.

This is due to a surge of colder air coming in from Canada, as those southerly temperatures exit the region for the foreseeable future. The question is whether or not the state sees a duplicate scenario that we saw in 2022?

If you remember, we saw temperatures in the 70's the first week of November, before lake effect snows were the story 10 days later. October typically has a few warmer than normal days, but for the most part we should see seasonable temperatures next month.

The next two or three days might be the last time we see 80-degree temperatures for a while...if you enjoy those hot days, get outside through Wednesday to enjoy it.

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