We've heard who the experts think the Bills should (or will) draft but who would Josh Allen choose if he was the one picking?

Football fans around the world are getting excited about this year's NFL Draft.  As always, there are a ton of storylines to follow.  Who will get chosen first overall?  What position will go first?

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Bills fans want a wide receiver

If you're a Bills fan, you'll have to wait until pick number 28 (unless they do something to move up or down) to find out who they will add to the squad. It can be excruciating to wait.  You have to listen to all the so-called "experts" give their opinions about what the Bills need and the direction they will go, but the overwhelming opinion this year seems to be that most Bills fans want a wide receiver.

Why should the Bills choose a wide receiver?

There are a couple of reasons why they would go this route.

1.) The draft is rich with talented wide receivers this year.  There are a ton of quality players that they can choose from.

2.) Yes, they have Stefon Diggs, but they need someone else to take the pressure off their number one receiver.  It will give Allen another option if Diggs is covered.
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3.)  Their wide receiver room is a little thin right now. Free agency ended with the Bills losing a bunch of receivers.  Gabe Davis went to Jacksonville.  Trent Sherfield signed with Minnesota.  Deonte Harty was cut.  They did end up adding Mack Hollins and Curtis Samuel, but they still have room.

Who does Josh Allen hope they draft?

The front office makes the decisions on who gets drafted, but don't think they don't take into account the opinions of the coaches and their starting quarterback.  Last year Dalton Kincaid was on Allen's wishlist and he ended up being their first-round draft pick.  So who does Allen want this year?

He spoke with "The QB Room Podcast" which is hosted by former Bills backup quarterback Kyle Allen and Josh Allen's offseason quarterback coach Jordan Palmer about some of the prospects.  They asked if he had any players that he would love for the Bills to go for and he immediately threw out a bunch of names.

First, he asked if he should mention the players that he thought wouldn't be there and he mentioned the three biggest names heading into the draft.  He mentioned Malik Nabors, Rome Odunze, and  Marvin Harrison Jr. first (in that order).

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But the ones that he followed up with are names that are more likely to be on the board when the Bills are picking.  He mentioned Bryan Thomas, Adonai Mitchell, Keon Coleman, Troy Franklin, Xavier Worthy, and Xavier Legette.

Those are all names that other "experts" have also mentioned.  It would be a shock if one of those names isn't the name that the Bills write on their card on April 25th.


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