There are thousands of people applying to get a pistol permit here in New York State. With that many people trying to get one, it can mean lengthy delays and long lines at the pistol permit offices. There is some good news for those applying in one particular county.

It seems that the laws and requirements regarding firearms and handguns are constantly changing here in New York State. In fact, some laws are not as clear as you would think and small gun stores and gun smiths are being forced to close. Those who already have a pistol permit now have new requirements as well.

With things always changing, more people are trying to get a permit before the State says they are no longer allowed to.

Here in Erie County, the numbers of applicants are always getting bigger and bigger. With that in mind, the Erie County Clerk has announced new hours at the county's satellite permit office.

If you have a permit, there are deadlines that you should be aware of. The process is easy, but it is required.

But as part of the handgun laws and regulations, those who have a pistol permit are required to renew their registration with the state every few years as described and outlined by The New York State Police on X.

To help transition from the five-year recertification requirement to the new three-year requirement, anyone who had a concealed carry permit issued before September 1, 2020, will have until August 31, 2023, to recertify. In addition, those individuals who were issued a concealed carry permit or recertified after September 1, 2020, will not become due to recertify under the new law before August 31, 2023, and may therefore wait to recertify until the third year after permit issuance or their last recertification.

As we get in to the new year, it may be time for you to renew. You can also check your status of your permit online.

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