Over 25 million people have taken a genealogy test from Ancestry.com, and those who have taken one will tell you that they managed to find out something about their family history that they didn’t know before. 

One woman from Western New York took an Ancestry.com genealogy test, and it changed her life. 

Patti Richardson lives in Lackawanna, NY with her husband and three kids. She has been in the Western New York area for 30+ years, and all this time she had no idea that she had a sister named Rebecca only a few states away. 

“We never knew about each other until we took an ancestry test,” Richardson said. 

Richardson flew out of the Buffalo Niagara Airport on Sunday morning to get to Massachusetts and meet her sister Rebecca for the first time.

Photo Credit: Patti Richardson
Photo Credit: Patti Richardson

“After 32 years, we finally had the opportunity to meet,” Richardson said. “I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to have found my sister.”

Patti Richardson was hoping that she would get an opportunity to connect with her biological father in Massachusetts, but he sadly passed away shortly after booking the trip. 

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Unfortunately I did not get the chance [to meet him],” she said, ”But I was able to hear from my sister how much he wished he knew about me and my children and that he wished he had the opportunity to have been able to be in mine and my children's life.”

Photo Credit: Patti Richardson
Photo Credit: Patti Richardson

As you can imagine, Rebecca and Patti have a lot to catch up on after 32 years, and they intend to spend every minute making memories that are really only the beginning of more adventures. 

Thinking about taking an Ancestry.com genealogy test? Click here to find out more. 

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