The Eastern Hills Mall has notified stores that they will soon need to find a new home.

The sudden announcement has shocked and saddened anyone that is a tenant at the Eastern Hills Mall. It's no secret that malls across Western New York and New York State are on the decline. With the rise of internet shopping, brick and mortar stores are disappearing at a rapid rate.

The Eastern Hills Mall previously announced that they have a brand new concept and idea to redevelop at a later date and it seems that the next step is in progress. They brought the idea to Clarence to get approved back in February of 2023.

When are the stores being kicked out of the Eastern Hills Mall?

Every single store except for ones with main entrances received notice this week that they are being kicked out. All of the stores knew that there was a new plan in the works for the Eastern Hills Mall, but none of the tenant knew exact details or if they would be included. The stores have received a notification that they are being asked to leave by mid-January, 2024.

Per Uniland Development:

As mall ownership looked at this stage in the town center development, there were two major elements considered:

  1. That we try to keep and relocate as many merchants as possible to locations with exterior entrances
  2. That we gave merchants who would be leaving ample time to find suitable locations

This is why we:

  1. Are in discussions with certain merchants to hopefully stay and relocate in the mall.
  2. Made the decision to keep the interior of the mall open through the 2023 holiday season.  This gives merchants who will be leaving nearly 6 months to find a suitable alternative for their business.  We also provided those merchants who are leaving with contacts for local retail brokerages who can assist in finding new locations.

"At this time, we have not received notice that any tenants with exterior entrances will be leaving."

New plans for a re-developed Eastern Hills Mall include:

  • 1,435 residential units
  • 516,375 square feet of retail/commercial space
  • 92,250 square feet for restaurants
  • 58,000 square feet for hotel space
  • 352,700 square feet for office space
  • 62,200 square feet of entertainment
  • 21,475 square feet for fitness
  • 87 multi-family residential units.

In 2022, the popular Chrusciki Bakery announced that the BFLO store by the bakery had been denied going into a location in the Eastern Hills Mall. The new BFLO store moved down the street to the Aldi Plaza on the corner of Main Street and Transit Road. They took to Facebook to announce:

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