I’ll never understand why anyone would ever think this is funny, but according to your actions, you must think it’s a big ‘ole joke. 

But don’t worry, we see you…and we don’t like it. 

In 2024, aren’t we past the point of hurling insults out at random bystanders from your car window?

Apparently not….
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A woman named Patty took notice of a “fine gentleman’s” actions after he screamed at her and a friend from the safety and comfort of his red truck. Couldn’t walk up to them and say it to their face, right? How ballsy of you….lol.

Here’s the post that Patty shared in a local Facebook group:

“To the fine gentlemen in the red truck at Como Park this evening: thank you so much for oinking at my friend and I as you drove by while we were walking. I’m sure the other woman you yelled “grandma” at was equally excited that you had to address her as that, as you were apparently unable to find anything wrong with her physical appearance. I sincerely hope you have the day you deserve, including explosive diarrhea and a traffic jam in one of the traffic circles.”

The man oinked like a pig to Patty and her friend while they were out for a walk in Como Park. After that encounter, Patty and her friend could hear the same guy call another woman “grandma” as he drove by. 

Maybe you peaked in high school and you’re jealous or something, or maybe you had a bad day...admittedly, I don't know your story. But to the man in the red truck, be better.

I say this to you as a person who has also made mistakes, but to actively attempt to hurl derogatory comments and hatred towards someone for no other reason other than being bored – is sad. And I hope you talk to someone and you can find out why that is something rooted within you. 

Times are getting absolutely crazy now and life already has its own struggles. Do we really need to be unkind? Especially in the City of Good Neighbors?

Let’s be part of the solution. 

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