On occasion, you will hear that there’s a chance you can see the Northern Lights from Western New York, but how many people actually have seen it?

If you were in Eden on Thursday night, chances are you got a pretty good view!

Vicky Ann posted a photo in the Eden Town of New York Community Facebook group, showing her breathtaking view from last night. 

You can see the post below. 

The photo was taken just after 11 PM, according to the Facebook post.

If you missed the Aurora Borealis last night, don’t worry – you should have another opportunity to see the Northern Lights on Friday night, so long as the skies stay clear. 

It’s not typical to be able to see this phenomenon in our home of Buffalo, New York, but there is a reason why we can: a strong solar flare erupted from the sun, and that – doubled with the Earth’s orientation and the way it was rotating around the sun – caused a coronal mass ejection (CME) to erupt from the sun, leading to the lights becoming much more visible in the Northern Hemisphere.

So basically – science is why we can see it in Buffalo, in case you wanted the shorter answer. 

Eden may be the best place to go sky-gazing tonight for the Northern Lights, but there’s a few surrounding places where you will be able to see it. 

See some of the photos below that were taken in Rochester, NY. 

The difficult part about trying to catch the Northern Lights in Buffalo is the forecast. Clouds are expected to clear up this evening, and since so many people caught a glimpse of the Northern Lights on Thursday, the potential is there to see it again. 

Try to avoid areas with light pollution if you can. The best place to look is a little north above the horizon, and if you see a green glow, you’ve found it! 

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