Allergy season is just about here.  In New York, they can get really bad in the spring.  Did you know there are things you're doing everyday that you can avoid to make it a little easier on yourself?

When it comes to allergies in the spring, New York is one of the worst places to be.  They actually ranked in the bottom ten when it came to the worst states for spring allergies in 2023 (and it's not the first time they've been there).

So how do you avoid them?

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What causes spring allergies?

Before you can avoid them, you first have to identify them.  What causes spring allergies?

Allergies happen when something gets into your body that your body thinks doesn't belong there.  It will send antibodies to fight those things and try to get them out.  That's why you begin sneezing, your nose will run, and your eyes get watery.  It's all stuff that your body is creating to get stuff out.

The things that normally set off allergic reactions are things like dust, pollen, and molds.  They're all things that come with the season as plants are beginning to grow.

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There are things you can do

Just because your allergies spike in the spring, doesn't mean you have to live in hell for weeks before they start to calm down.  There are some things that you can do to avoid coming into contact with them that you don't even realize.  They're things that you're doing every day that are irritating your body.

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