Happy National Taco Day! Yay! Go out and get your taco's!




1. Moe's- Buy 1 Taco get one Free but you have to download the app

2. Taco Bell- No free Taco's but you can send a fun digital download of a dancing Taco

3. Cold Stone Creamery- They are celebrating by turning their ice cream into a waffle taco. Basically it is a waffle shell in the shape of a taco

You can check out the full list here:

What are you going to do to celebrate National Taco Day?

I'm making Taco's tonight as long as they have the hard shell (I'm a hard shell chick)

I might hit up Moe's for a free taco for lunch, too. Who cares? It's National Taco Day! No judgement here!

So, what's your favorite place to get taco's? Mine is La Galera's in Niagara Falls. They didn't make the free taco list, but they are certainly worth the drive to enjoy the yummy food.


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