The JJ Watt Watch continues as the free agent weighs his options in free agency.  But a tweet that he sent out today has some Bills fans believing that he's coming here.

JJ Watt is one of the biggest names in NFL free agency these days.  He asked the Houston Texans to release him and let him go to another team.  They agreed and let him go.  Now fans are waiting at the edge of their seats to find out where he's going to go.

The best part is that people are glued to their phones watching every single tweet that he sends and trying to dissect their meanings.  He's been sending some that seem very cryptic.  But then again...they could just be random tweets to see what kind of connections people will make to them.

The latest has to do with cells and the parts that make them up.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.  It seems pretty random.  But some of the Bills Mafia are convinced that it is a hint that he is coming to Buffalo.

Here we go...let's connect the dots...

The first hint is that the Mitochondria Research Center is located in Buffalo:

The next connection is that "mitochondria" has the same number of letters as "Buffalo Bills."

Then there was this tweet:


People are associating this one with "Wild BILL Hickock."

My favorite was this one.  Saturday he tweeted out a picture that had an awful lot of red, white and blue in it that seemed to be random otherwise:

And the thing about it being the most successful part of the experiment.  Does he know where he's going to go and he's just messing with us?

We will have to wait to find out.  But there's no question wherever he goes it will impact the team, both on the field and with their salary cap.  The Bills would have to make some moves to make room for him.  We hope to find out soon where JJ decides to go, but it's been fun speculating.


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