You grabbed your purse this morning and quickly glanced to see how much cash you have.  Your mind travels to what your family needs for the week, before you think about what YOU need.

You could save almost $1,500 a month by cutting out the extras.  I'm talking about things like alcohol and Netflix.

Think about packing your lunch instead of going out to lunch.  Cable, Netflix, going out to dinner.

Per month, results revealed that the average American spends $20 on coffee drinks, as well as $209 on dinners at restaurants and $189 going out drinking with friends.

Many haven't cut the cord, and are paying an average of $91 per month for cable, in addition to $23 for streaming movies and TV shows. Spending on music streaming services averaged $22 a month, while other apps added $23.

Of course, there is what I am guilty of... items, impulse purchase, or buying things for my kids and grandkids (which by the way I probably will NOT stop doing).

Something to look at the next time you are lamenting about that raise you're not getting.



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