How many emails are left in your Inbox at the end of the day? Does that stress you out? Do you not give it a second thought?

If you wonder where you stand with the general public...

 40% said NONE... 28% say "a few" . . . 22% say somewhere between 10 and 50 unread emails . . . and 5% say about 100 or more, including about one in 50 people who have more than 500.

YouGov asked the question, the largest age group of individuals that responded None (meaning they leave no unread emails in their Inbox) where either 50-65 years of age or 65+.  Makes sense, individuals with more free time would be able to check their emails more frequently, but why would they care?

The group with the largest amount of unread emails was 18-24 year-olds.

There is a name for this.  It is called "inbox zero", where you attempt to keep your inbox EMPTY by either responding to or deleting emails right away.

I checked my inbox looking at the amount of unread emails, and I am now feeling pressured.  Please DON'T send me an email about this post.

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