If you haven't heard the term Promposal, you're not alone.  It refers to the extreme ways that kids ask for a prom date these days.  It is a clever way to get a girl (or guy) to say yes, but how much is it gonna cost you?


Social media has definitely been the biggest reason behind the birth of Promposals.  When you do something and can show it off to the world, you generally are going to bring your A game.  In my day, you would do it and like 5 people would know and then it would just be a story you would tell trying to convince people it was true.  Nowadays, if you do it right you can end up on world news and late night talk shows.

Prom was always an expensive event to begin with.  You need money for the tickets, flowers, tux/dress, the limo, post prom events, etc., so between your minimum wage fast food job and your parents you could scrounge up enough to make it happen.  If you add in an elaborate Promposal it can get out of hand.


It is said that a Promoposal can add up to $324 (on average) to the cost of prom, which is roughly 1/3 of the budget.  There are 2 things wrong with that number.  First, who is spending $324 on asking someone to the prom, and second, how is that 1/3 of the budget?!?!  That means the budget is almost $1,000!


Maybe I am just getting old but that seems extreme for a Highschool dance!  If you are going to get 15 minutes of fame and a hot date for the prom it might be worth it, but for most you will need to find a cheaper alternative.  Use your head instead of your wallet and you will probably come up with a better Promposal anyway.  The one on the receiving end will enjoy it just the same.

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