It's cold and snowy outside and you've got nothing planned and nowhere to go.  Why not get yourself a cup of cheer and relax.

It's funny how often we limit ourselves to when we can eat and drink things that we love.  I mean, be honest, how often do you drink anything pumpkin spice when it's not fall?

I mean, there's even a bible verse (and a song if you think more like that) that says for every time there is a season.  And no...I don't think they were talking about alcoholic beverages there, but you get how it fits, right?

That made me start thinking about the long list of beverages that we seem to only drink around this time of year.  Is it the cold nights that make mulled wine go down so easy?  Is it the family being around that makes egg nog so popular?  What is it about a peppermint mocha around the calming crackle of a cozy fireplace that seem to put people in a comatose state?

It doesn't matter to me.  Now is the time.  This is the season for these delicious drinks that fit so well at this time of year.  Of course, the drinks don't have to be alcoholic.  There are all kinds of drinks that scream "holidays" that don't have alcohol in them.  But let's be honest...there is more than one reason why they say you're getting into the Christmas "Spirit."

Maybe you're looking for a new list of beverages to try out at a get-together with your friends, or you need a new go-to for the holiday office party.  Here's a list of some of the most popular drinks that we only drink around the holidays...

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