If there is even the remote possibility that there might be a wedding proposal in the future, there's a chance she's been dropping HINTS about it.

Almost half of the men surveyed who are either married or engaged said their wife or fiancée DID drop hints.

Here are some of the signs your girlfriend wants you to propose . . .

1.  You notice her watching a lot of shows or movies about weddings or proposals.


2.  She keeps talking about weddings, or other people who got engaged.


3.  She buys wedding magazines, and leaves them out where you can see them.


4.  She forwards you emails from jewelry brands.


5.  When you walk by a jewelry store, she stops to look at rings in the window.

Just a side note from the survey...

It takes the average man seven months to realize they've found "the one."  Then once a guy does decide to propose, it takes another two months to buy a ring.

(NY Post)


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