The home of The Buffalo Bills is changing their policy on vaccines as of today.

The news just came through that Highmark Stadium will be dropping their requirement that people be fully vaccinated to attend events there.

It was a little over 2 months ago that they changed the policy for kids 5-11 years old requiring them to only have one shot.

As of December, people who wanted to attend games at Highmark Stadium were required to show proof (by a vaccine card, Excelsior Pass, CLEAR digital vaccine pass,  a Canadian vaccination receipt, or a Digital Vaccine Verification issued by states outside of NYS) of full vaccination.

According to WIVB, officials announced Monday that the venue’s vaccination policy, which requires everyone 12 and up to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, has been dropped.

From the beginning, the vaccination requirement created friction with their fans. Many fans who had been season ticket holders for their entire lives had to make a choice to either get the vaccination or give up their seats and the seniority that they had earned throughout the years.

The season is over for this year and many think that dropping the requirement now is a couple of weeks too late.  But the draft is about a month and a half away and there are more events coming this summer, including a huge concert that was just announced last week starring Metallica.

There is no word about a change in policy at Key Bank Center at the moment.

There is no way to know right now what the policy will be heading into a new season in the fall, but this might be a big turning point when it comes to the pandemic.

Highmark Stadium Undergoing Changes

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