You’re probably going to hear the words, “That Bills/Chiefs game was the greatest game ever!”  This Bills fan certainly didn’t think so.

If you are a Bills fan, there’s no way that you walk away from the game last night and don’t feel proud of your team.  No doubt, that was one of the most impressive games we’ve ever seen.  Ever.  But it definitely wasn’t great.

I understand the sentiment.  It was a high-powered, high-scoring, exciting game with tons of drama.  We saw three lead changes within the last 2 minutes of the game.  Both teams were playing lights out and the quarterbacks were on fire.  The stats were almost identical throughout the entire game. And don’t even get me started on Gabriel Davis.  That guy was elite.  He had over 200 yards receiving with 4 touchdowns.  No receiver has ever done that in the playoffs…ever.

But was it great?

Forgive me for feeling this way today, but it wasn’t great.  It’s not great to feel like your team is unstoppable and still come up short after losing a coin toss.  It’s not great to feel like you’ve finally gotten over the hump, only to find out that you’re still not done.  It’s not great to get close.  It’s heartbreaking to always feel like there’s an incredible concert playing and you can’t get through the gate. Once again, you didn’t get a ticket and you have to listen from the outside.  Is that great?

I’m sure for Chiefs fans or football fans that haven’t been watching for 40 years and couldn’t have cared less who won or lost thought it was great.  But you won’t hear me say it.

Don't misunderstand me, this isn't about me being disappointed in the team.  That's not it at all. I’m proud of our team. I’d still choose our guys over any others. They fought out there.  But you won’t hear me calling that the greatest game ever.  The greatest game ever comes when the Bills lift that Lombardi trophy…not just for the guys that are fighting for it on the field but for every single mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa out there that have been watching this team forever.  Just to finally know what it feels like to see one…just one championship.  THAT will be the greatest game ever.

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