The eclipse of 2017 has officially came and went...literally.  It was fun, and if you were lucky enough to see it through NASA approved glasses, you saw how cool it was. Now that it's over what do you do with your glasses?


Well, the next eclipse that affects the Western New York area is in 2024.  That's about 7 years away so you could just stash the glasses in a safe place and be ready to watch then.  We all know that's not realistic.  A million things will happen in your life between now and then and you will need new glasses come eclipse time.

Sun eclipse

The good news is that eclipses happen all of the time all over the world, so even though we won't see another until 2024, there will be an eclipse in other parts of the world in 2019.  Lets help those people enjoy the eclipse as well.


A group named Astronomers Without Borders has a program where they will get your glasses into the hands of children that will be able to use them in future eclipses. The groups plan is to redistribute glasses to schools in Asia and South America, where there will be solar eclipses in 2019.


If you would like to donate your glasses and learn more about the program or the group, you can visit Astronomers Without Borders right here.  If you had fun watching the eclipse, here's your chance to pay it forward!

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