I would have done anything for my grandmothers but local inventor went 'above and beyond' after he witnessed his grandmother struggle with her toaster.

This spring, aspiring entrepreneurs across the country were encouraged to use their creativity to solve every-day problems as part of Frito-Lay’s inaugural Dreamvention contest. 

After receiving thousands of submissions, the entries have been narrowed down to five finalists, including:

14 year old Andrew Young from Batavia for the chance to win $250K!   Check out his Toaster Shooter”. 


Andrew Young's story on the thought of “Toaster Shooter”. After seeing his grandmother burn herself trying to grab the toasted bread from the toaster, he decided he needed to invent something that could help retrieve toast with a lot more ease and less risk.


Andrew hopes the “Toaster Shooter” will help those who have also experienced this same struggle with this solution that pushes items up and out of the toaster once they are ready.

 Local residents can help Andrew bring his inspiring idea to life and win the grand prize by going to MyDreamvention.com to vote for “Toaster Shooter” now through November 27th!

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