The day of searching under your car seat, cup holder, purse of pockets for toll money will be a thing of the past.; at least if you are going on or coming off of Grand Island

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Western New York on Tuesday to announce the new tolls while visiting Grand Island.  He announced that cashless tolls will be a new part of the heavily-used bridges. They will be the first in upstate New York.

As Cuomo stated:

“Grand Island is a vital connector for residents and tourists traveling to Buffalo, Niagara Falls and beyond, and with the addition of cashless tolling and a new welcome center, we are not only supporting a growing regional economy but also raising the profile of tourist attractions in communities across Western New York. By transitioning to cashless tolling, one of these most traveled roads in Western New York will become safer and less congested to help meet the needs of 21st century motorists, while providing commuters easy access to the new welcome center for generations to come.”

Cashless tolling will be in place on the bridges this March after construction begins in October. So there you have it: No cash...No problem. Check out the full story at

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