June is Men's Health Month so this one is for the manly men out there.  Go see your doctor!  And when you do, be honest with them.

If you have a manly man in your family, chances are, he’s not as healthy as you are…and there’s a reason why.

Manly men. You know the type. They are cocky, confident, drive really big trucks. You know who I’m talking about.  They are in control. And they’re probably going to die before you.

Why? Because guys are stubborn, everyone knows that.  Macho men are not only far less likely to visit a doctor than are women, but also less likely to be truthful about their aches and pains when they finally do see a physician.

But here’s the kicker…Women who view themselves as brave or self-reliant are also less likely to seek medical care or be honest about their health status when they do see a physician too.

It's not easy to do with men...but if you want them to stick around with you, you might want to make sure that they get to the doctor.  And when they go, make sure they're honest with them.


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