Niagara Falls State Park is expanding and offering panoramic views as state and local officials cut the ribbon at the new “Gorgeview.”

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The project according to a story aired on WIVB-TV removed the segment of the parkway from Main Street to Findlay Drive and replaced it with a new green space featuring picnic areas, scenic overlooks, and a network of recreational trails. Additionally, the New York State DOT completed a full-depth reconstruction of Whirlpool Street a\s well as a portion of Third Street to accommodate local vehicular access, from the parkway and adjoining city streets.

"The Niagara River Gorge is one of the most picturesque areas of New York State and the completion of this project is transformational - it redefines local and visitor perception of the area's unparalleled natural beauty and will make Niagara Falls an even more attractive place to live, work and visit," Governor Cuomo said. "We are continuing to make significant investments like this that enhance Niagara Falls' status as a world-class tourism destination and further our tremendous progress in revitalizing the Western New York economy."

Gorgeview boasts to further revitalization in Niagara Falls by reconnecting the city to its waterfront for the first time in a generation. Where the streets leading to the Gorge rim once terminated at guard rails and fenced barriers, there are now panoramic views and, access to a comprehensive network of trails that connect to the base of the gorge and Whirlpool, DeVeaux Woods, and Devil's Hole state parks.

City residents and visitors alike now have access to the Niagara Gorge to pursue a variety of recreational opportunities in the newly created greenspace.

State officials say it’s great to see tourists returning to the Falls as more people start traveling again.

“The funniest thing is coming here, there were Texas plates on a car, coming right in front of me and when I veered off, the Texas plates went right down to the Falls. So it really is a national treasure that we have right here,” said NYS Department of Transportation Regional Director Frank Cirillo.

This is the largest expansion of Niagara Falls State Park, since its creation in 1885.


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