We announced last week that there are some businesses closing its doors. Well, some local businesses are expanding!


It is devastating to know that so many businesses are closing its doors. Stores like Lord and Taylor announced they are closing their flagship store on Saks Fifth Avenue. Workers are scared of these changes as it could affect jobs. What I have noticed though, is more local businesses are actually expanding. This is HUGE!

Charlie The Butcher announced that they will venture out to 770 Elmwood Ave. They will not offer fries and burgers as they are not allowed to have fryers due to the residential listing. BUT, you can have fresh cut roast beef and get your meat right downtown. How cool is that?

My take on all of this is maybe local will come out on top? Think about it, as a woman, you can't help but go into a store to try stuff on. You don't have this kind of luxury when ordering online. For instance, a friend of mine,  Siobhan who is the co owner of MS Eye Candy has a cute clothing boutique. She has clothes that you really can't get around here so you will never have the experience of someone having the same dress as you. Or at least, it will be really rare. You can try on things in her shop and really get your fashionista on.


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