Flu season can start as early as NOW. Do you plan on getting your flu shot? Well, here are the pro's and con's.



I am a huge advocate for the flu shot. I have been getting them for the last five years and it has been a life saver. I usually schedule my daughter's flu shot too. It does prevent us from being knocked out from the cold & flu season.

So, what is the science behind it? Basically, they inject a small amount of the flu so your body can naturally build an immunity to it. The side effects are smaller and usually last 2 days at most.

Some people have experienced paralysis from the flu. Though this is rare, it has happened to a few people in Orchard Park, NY.

Producer Rob believes the flu shot is a horrible idea and to "just wash your hands." It's not that easy though as there are airborne illnesses too.

Pro- Prevents flu symptoms and helps you build immunity. If you do get sick, it is usually a lot less time to recover. Which means less time off from work and or school.

Con- Can cause paralysis, they could give you the wrong strain, you could catch the flu and become hospitalized. More lengthy to heal which means more time off from work and or school.

According to the centers of disease control, you can reduce getting the flu by 50-60 percent by getting the flu shot.

What are your thoughts? Are you for or against it?

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