Within the first few weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, sales around Western New York were on their way down. So many small businesses were striving to stay afloat forcing their owners to get creative.

As soon as the weather became cooperative one small business that's popularity had seen a decline in recent years looked to a new beginning.

Drive-Ins, small in number in the Buffalo area, saw a resurgence. People could remain in their cars, be socially distant, and listen to the movie via their radio.

Screenings of "Dirty Dancing," "The Princess Bride" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show quickly sold out, indicative of the drive-in's status as a go-to -- if not the only -- event in town.

One of the largest, an outdoor theater that can accommodate up to 230 cars, is planned for Hard Rock Stadium, where the Miami Dolphins play.

Drive-ins aren't just for movies either. Some have hosted drive-in weddings and graduations. One has even been approached about doing book readings.

In Atlanta, The Bel Aire Diner held a comedy night, where comics performed from the bed of a pickup truck.

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