The absolute spectacle that is Game of Thrones Season 8: The Final Season awaits us.

The episodes this season have been described as the most complex sequences ever filmed for television.

April 14th, is the date we are all waiting for that has been teased by an edge of your seat trailer for the first episode.  The final Season will be comprised of only 6 episodes.

We don't know much for sure about Season 8 but...

We can reveal, however, that episode 1 of season 8 is unlike many premieres in the show's history. Where we've come to expect large-scale set moments and major battles, this episode is a little more financially reserved. At least as reserved as something violent, brutal and unsettling can be.


Everything you need to know to be prepared for Season 8 is available here.

And... HBO has five potential spin-offs in the works to fill the hole Game of Thrones will leave in pop culture.


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