You can get yourself a free slice of pizza today at Walmart!


Walmart? Walmart! Last year, Walmart changed their frozen pizzas. Walmart thought they were improving their pizza when really, they hindered it. People went absolutely insane when they changed the recipe to their favorite frozen pizza. This change was not good for Walmart. People demanded that they change back to the original recipe.

Well, you talked and Walmart listened. After a year of the same recipe, they FINALLY changed it. To celebrate? They are offering free pizza at Walmart. Now, this IS NOT at EVERY Walmart. You must call ahead of time to see if they are participating in this.

Depending on where you live, here is a list of the Walmart's around the B-Lo: 

Have you ever had Walmart's frozen pizza? I haven't. I might have to make a trip today for a free slice to see if it is any good. Who knew that Walmart even made pizza? You learn something new everyday!



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