The pandemic has been challenging for many Buffalo-area business owners causing them to close or re-purpose their properties.

Such is the story of the former Kmart parking lot on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo that has become the city’s only drive-in movie theatre.

Dark Alley Drive-In had its opened last weekend,  showing “Purple Rain”, starring Prince. Both shows were sold out according to WIVB-TV.

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Dark Alley Drive-In is the dream of Chris Dearing, who envisioned a way to bring movies to the public while area movie theatres are closed due to COVID-19.

“I wanted it to be kind of a cool experience,” Dearing said. “I had this idea of people driving down Hertel, used to their surroundings and seeing an empty lot here, but looking to their left and suddenly seeing this theater experience popping out of thin air.”

The drive-in's screen is an impressive nine feet wide and 21′ high. Moviegoers listen to the movie using their car radios.

What’s Pop-In, a West Side-based gourmet popcorn shop provides the refreshments- that can be pre-ordered when purchasing tickets online.

This weekend’s movie is 1984’s “The Toxic Avenger” showing at 9 p.m. on Friday.

The idea for the movies shown at the Dark Alley Drive-In will be cult films that a small number of people love and cherish.

The pop-up drive-in is just the latest example of how small business owners throughout the Buffalo area are navigating the pandemic.

Tickets are ONLY available online and must be purchased in advance here.

To keep up with upcoming showings and events at the Dark Alley Drive-In, check their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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