Stymied by the fact that when you go on vacation you usually arrive on time, but when returning home your flight is more times than not, late or bumped.

 A new study looked at seven million flights to figure out when you're most likely to get delayed.  And if you want to land on time . . . book flights that arrive in the morning, not at night.


The best time of day for on-time flights last year was between 7am and 7:59am, when nearly 90% arrived on time. That’s the best hour of the day and the morning is pretty good, in general. Even flights scheduled to arrive between 11am and 11:59am were punctual 85.3% of the time, according to the data.

The research went on to say...

Further, the eye-popping difference shown in this analysis — a nationwide punctuality rate as high as 90% in the morning versus a rate as low as 73% in the evening — actually understates how much longer it can take you to get where you’re going later in the day since even an on-time flight in the evening is often scheduled to take longer in the first place.

You may want to keep a copy of this post to show your boss the next time you get back late from vacation.

(The Points Guy)

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