It's Fish Fryday!!!  We only have 2 of these left so we have to make them count and today we did just that with Buffalo's Best Grill.  They came to the studio with some fully loaded fish fry's that are game changers.


Julie from Buffalo's Best Grill sat down to talk to us while Val Townsend and I demolished the fish fry's.  We had the traditional beer battered haddock and the Broiled Buffalo Bleu which is a broiled haddock smothered in Buffalo's Best Grill's Buffalo sauce and bleu cheese crumbles...yeah, you read that right.  If you go there do yourself a favor and try it.


All of the fish fry's come with macaroni salad, cole slaw, and french fries and we can attest to how filling all of that is.  You will not be hungry after a fish fry from Buffalo's Best Grill.  If you happen to be, they will have you covered with an entire menu of mouth watering food.


If you missed our absolute feast that took place today you can hear it again here.  If you want to taste it for yourself, you can go to Buffalo's Best Grill and do just that!  They are located at 3700 Southwestern Boulevard in Orchard Park (less than a mile from New Era Field).

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