Buffalo has really made its presence known lately on a classic TV game show. A few months ago The Smith Family appeared on Family Feud and now it's time for the Kline Family to represent the 716.

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Family Feud is a game show that was created in 1976 by Mark Goodson and has aired on American TV for more than 40 years. The show was run on ABC and CBS for 23 years before it entered syndication. It's been produced in syndication since 1999.

The basic idea of the show is simple, you have two teams of families, each with five (5) members, who compete against each other guessing the answers to various survey questions. The show features a host who manages the show, acts as a moderator, and interacts with the families. Each correct answer is worth a certain amount of points and if a family wins a question and answer round, that family earns the points. The first family to 400 points wins.

The Kline family from West Seneca consists of Mary Anne, Kristen, George, Courtney, and Kailey and they represented the Buffalo area to the fullest as they battled against the Carter family.

While the Kline family were inside the Atlanta studios of Family Feud, they were sure to make sure everyone knew they were from Buffalo by wearing their Buffalo-themed facemasks. I'm sure they all heard a Bills Mafia here or an Heeey-ayyyy-ayyyyy-ayy! there.

The Kline's episode of Family Feud appeared twice on WUTV-TV; Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 7:30 pm, and Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at 4:30 pm.

Way-to-go Kline family, Let's Go Buffalo!

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