Have you ever heard of a Bird Scooter?  Well before you think that in some way I am going to harm our feathered friends...read on...

Sometimes getting around town can be "for the birds" but Olean is changing that to help get the city on its feet (or off of them).

People in the City of Olean can now rent electric scooters.

Alderman John Crawford says he’s all about bringing creative things to the city to help revitalize it and that’s why he wanted to help launch this new initiative. The bird e-scooter program was launched just this month.

According to NEWS 4 (WIVB-TV) there are about 40 Bird scooters around the City of Olean, and before long that number will grow to 75.

All you have to do to rent one, is download the app, walk up to a scooter, scan the bar code, agree to the terms and conditions, and your off like a bird, on a Bird (scooter).

It looks to me like anyone who has operated a motorless scooter in their lifetime will find this no challenge at all.

The program according to officials doesn’t cost the taxpayers anything and in fact, the City of Olean gets a portion of every ride with the revenue going toward future marketing plans for the city.

Olean is one of the first communities in Western New York to offer this method of transportation.

John Crawford, Alderman in the City of Olean said,

“Just really what we’ve been focusing on as a common council, increasing the walkability and bike-ability and various modes of transportation has really been our focus is trying to be as convenient and fun as possible”

There are some restrictions: You can only ride the scooters on public streets and along bike lanes and bike paths.

The scooters do not operate during the overnight hours.

I wonder what these scooters cost and if they are available to the general public?  Oh, I can certainly see a number of pre-driving age individuals showing interest.


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