I swear I still blame this whole thing on the dizzy bat kid who crushed his head into the side of a school bus 2 years ago while tailgating.

After he got some national attention, it was like people had to one-up that in order to get some serious social media stardom.

Enter: people jumping through tables.

It worked.

It's gotten out of control (but, deep down it is funny), people have body slammed each other and lit themselves on fire.

Officials and police aren't really thrilled and Mark Poloncarz, the Erie County Executive  isn't either. Yesterday he met with Bills official to discuss Bills fans, how to keep them safe and and the way other perceive us.

According to WIVB:

People have been hurt, seriously hurt. It's only a matter of time before someone dies. We had one gentleman who set himself on fire. We had another person who was basically near-paralyzed from breaking their back, another person who snapped their leg. What we want people to understand is, not only does this make the community look bad but you're putting yourself at risk", Poloncarz said.

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