If you’re a diehard Taco Bell fan in New York state, you’ve probably gone through an emotional rollercoaster these past few years. 

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The hearts of Taco Bell lovers break all over New York State whenever the fan-favorite Nacho Fries leave the menu - only to return and quickly sell out.

And who can forget the all-out uproar when Taco Bell discontinued its Mexican Pizzas? The ousting of this menu staple caused hungry fans of the fast-food chain to cry foul. Eventually, Taco Bell fell to the backlash and put Mexican Pizza back on the menu this past September. They even celebrated its return with a musical starring…Dolly Parton? (Hey, any excuse to bring in Dolly is a good one for us.)

Taco Bell loves to lean into the hype around its discontinued menu items, and Taco Bell connoisseurs all over New York state love to eat it up (literally and figuratively).

In a nationwide vote, Taco Bell asked fans to pick which currently discontinued food item should be brought back to its menu for a limited time, and last week the winner was revealed.

Taco Bell/Canva
Taco Bell/Canva

The much-loved and never forgotten Enchrito will be back on menus at Taco Bell locations around New York state from November 17th through November 30th.

A soft tortilla filled with seasoned beef, beans, and onions doused in red sauce and smothered with cheddar cheese, the Enchirito has been mourned since Taco Bell yanked it from its lineup back in 2013.

When November 17th rolls around, we suggest that Enchirito fans across New York state buy it up in bulk at their nearest Taco Bell and stockpile them in their freezers. You’ll be sure to miss it when it's gone (again).

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