Close friends Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift just dropped a new song together, and their fans are absolutely loving it.

The pop titans linked up for a remix of "The Joker & The Queen," which originally landed on Sheeran's 2021 album =.

He reflected on the duo's shared history and gushed about his talented pop peer in a post on Instagram.

"Me and Taylor first met and wrote + recorded our first song together in 2012, ten years ago now, I’m so so honoured to have her on this song," he wrote. "Not only is she the best singer/songwriter in the world but she’s also a very close friend, I’m very lucky to have her in my life."

Check out the full heartfelt message below:

What's more, Sheeran revealed that the accompanying music video acts as a sequel of sorts to the video for their 2012 collab "Everything Has Changed." Talk about a brilliant reference! (As if we would expect anything less from these two...)

Watch Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift's "The Joker &The Queen" Music Video:

After the video debuted, Swift and Sheeran's fans rushed to Twitter to comment on the "The Joker & The Queen."

Fans across the globe wished the pair a respective good morning or night based on what time zone they were in. They also weighed in on how the highly anticipated duet sounded; the release was met with seemingly universal praise.

"Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran know how to get us emotional over a song. I love their collaborative effort in making us shed tears," one emotional user wrote.

Another referred to the song as "arguably their best duet yet."

Unsurprisingly, many fans honed in on the reference to "Everything Has Changed" in the music video.

"Feels like everything has come full cycle," one wrote. That sums it up perfectly.

Others commented on what could only be defined as a Swiftian dedication to minute details in the video.

Check out some fan reactions to "The Joker and The Queen," below:

"The Joker & The Queen" marks Swift and Sheeran's fourth duet.

They previously collaborated on the aforementioned "Everything Has Changed," as well as 2017's "End Game." The latter also features rapper Future.

Interestingly, fans only recently got to hear the first song that they wrote together: "Run." Swift included the ballad on the re-released version of her 2012 album Red (Taylor's Version) last year.

In a post on Instagram, Sheeran revealed that they wrote "Run" together even before they worked on "Everything Has Changed."

Why did we only hear it in 2021? Sheeran told CapitalFM that "Everything Has Changed" ended up sounding better at the time so it was the one that made it onto the original track list for Red.

He added that he had always loved "Run" and hoped that it would maybe one day see the light of day. Finally that moment came.

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