That's right! The new craze for the kiddos... Dragon Breath!




On Sunday, I took Amber to the Galleria mall for a little shopping. During our stroll we saw a stand that said, "Dragon Breath!" Amber went nuts saying that she saw a clip of it on Youtube. Of course, I was curious!

Amber and I wandered over there and saw there wasn't a big a line. I decided to hop in and try it. I saw smoke everywhere and was asking a bunch of questions. The puff balls are similar to Captain Crunch and the smoke that comes off of them is made up of liquid nitrogen. That is how they get it to smoke. The cup is super cold and you can get a freeze burn if you are not careful.

They even have chocolate dipping sauce to "cool it down" a little bit before you put it in your mouth. Amber tried it and it was hilarious to see the smoke come out of her nose. Definitely a fun treat!

For $10.00 plus $1.00 for dipping sauce and tax it was a little under $12.00. Not too bad for a fun treat. I wouldn't get it all the time, but it was fun to at least try it once. 


You can check out the video here:

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