This is an epic story about a delivery driver who caught someone cheating...



Kayla Speer from Iowa was in a long distance relationship. She had a hunch that her boyfriend might have been cheating on her. Kayla's boyfriend told her that he was going to be studying for finals coming up and that he wasn't going to be "readily available."

Well, Kayla decided to be a supportive girlfriend and send his boyfriend a Jimmy John's sub. She gave a heads up to the delivery driver that she has a hunch that he might be cheating on her, and the delivery driver assured her that he would give her accurate feedback.

Well, when the delivery driver pulled up to deliver the sub, he saw quite the site. He delivered the sub and said this is from your girlfriend Kayla. Needless to say it caused quite the scene.

The delivery driver called Kayla and told her what happened. Kayla confronted her long distance boyfriend about it and of course he denied it. Kayla broke up with him right then and there.

Jimmy John's felt bad for Kayla and offered to cater a "break up" party for her and her friends.

My question is, would you trust your delivery driver?



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