It has become a normal thing to see at the bottom of your receipt when you go to a restaurant. To tip…or not to tip…that is the question.
How many times has this happened to you?

You order food online or go old school and call them. When you go to pick your food up you walk into the restaurant and talk to a person at a register. They set your food on the counter and when you run your card, they ask how much you would like to tip.
You hate to do it, but you sit there and think, “what am I tipping for?”
You weren’t waited on. No one had to refill your drink or bring food to your table. It wasn’t even curbside pick up where they’re providing a service to you. Tip for what? And it seems it’s become more prevalent since the pandemic began. For a long period of time, all restaurants were 100% curbside pickup or delivery only. It felt like the responsibility of the customer to tip more than before because they weren’t getting the traffic they were before.
Then you feel bad when you get back in your car and think, “well…I could have probably done something for them to say thanks.”

There is no better feeling than tipping well.  It always feels great to be able to make someone else's day.
We were out of town so we were eating out a lot and I couldn’t help but wonder, “Am I the only one who doesn’t tip for things like that?”
I’ve always said, when someone provides service that is above and beyond what is probably mentioned in their job description, they should get a tip. But the part of the sentence that is important is “above and beyond.” Regardless of the profession, if someone does more than the basics, they should get a tip.
I want to be clear…the only thing I’m asking about is when you’re walking in to a restaurant to pick up an order. I believe curbside pickup/delivery should definitely be tipped. But what about when you’re just dealing with a cashier. Do you tip? Do you feel bad if you don’t?

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