So you are thinking about heading to the Department of Motor Vehicles, but then you are like, hmmm., "Do I still need an appointment?"  While the correct answer is pretty much, yes if you would like to complete a transaction in person. You should be warned, the time between when you schedule your appointment and actually heading to the DMV for your appointment, is taking approximately 4 to 5 weeks.

So, what can you do online? Which transactions can you complete? How can you be better prepared for your appointment?

You can be better prepared for your appointment simply by looking through the Department of Motor Vehicles website, printing out your paperwork in advance and double checking that you bring the required items with you. That being said, you will still probably be looking at a 30 minute wait once you arrive at the DMV.

So what can you do online? There are about 60 different transactions that you can do online, pay for online and then get what it is you just took care of, confirmation in the mail. For instance, here are some of the most commonly completed transactions on their website:

While you might get frustrated attempting to do things online, I walked through all of the steps to register a car, and while I cannot complete the transaction online, it must be done in person (unless the car dealer does it for you). The questions that were asked of me were pretty encompassing, walking me through what I would need to bring to the DMV with me for my appointment, including links to which forms I would need to fill out as well.

It goes without saying, be patient. Have you completed a DMV transaction in person? How did it go?

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