Christmas is just a couple of days away and this week many people across Western New York will sit down with family and friends to watch some holiday movies to get into the Christmas spirit.

One movie that shouldn't be on your Holiday movie list is "Die Hard". The Bruce Willis movie was released in 1988 and since its release date, the debate has raged on about whether it is a Christmas movie or not.

I am here to tell you it is not! Sure this might be a hot take but after having several discussions with several people, I have concluded that "Die Hard" is not a holiday movie.

I have narrowed down the reasons to five. The first and most condemning one for "Die Hard" not being a Christmas movie is when it takes place.

In the movie, all the action happens in December and there are plenty of Christmas decorations throughout the movie. This makes people believe that it must be a Christmas movie because of it. But the plot of the movie is about a terrorist taking over a building. This could happen any time of the year. In the movie, it just happens to happen in December.

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Just because something happens in December doesn't mean it is Christmas-related. If the attempted takeover of the Nakatomi Plaza took place in July, would it be a Fourth of July movie? If it took place in February, would it be a Valentine's Day movie? Heck why consider it a Christmas movie because it happens in December?

Again that is only one of the five reasons. Check out all the reasons below.

Now to be fair...I will let my friend Ed give his take on why "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie. You can read his thoughts HERE.

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