New York has a plan.

It will become a law 60 days after Governor Andrew Cuomo signs the bill.

Right now, New York wants to make sure that guns stay out of the hands of dangerous or unstable people. In New York, you can't have a firearm with a felony or certain misdemeanors, but certain misdemeanors aren't on the list.

Once it is signed it will add a number of the misdemeanors to the gun-control law.

According to WGRZ:

The law will also require the courts to notify law enforcement to take away "firearms, rifles and shotguns" upon a judgement of conviction of a felony or serious offense.

Also, the law will ensure individuals wanted for a felony or other serious offense are not able to obtain or renew a firearm license, Cuomo said.

"This change will make certain that the general public as well as the law enforcement who are actively seeking to arrest a wanted individual are not needlessly endangered by that individual obtaining new firearms," Cuomo's office said.

The group, Prevent Child Abuse New York, lauded the bill, saying it will help children and families who face domestic abuse.

The group said that orders of protections in New York are at a five-year high, while intimate partner homicides increased from 64 in 2015 to 78 in 2016.

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